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  • Empty Speaker Cabs.

    The color is sort of a burnt orange/medium red mahogany with mostly straight darker grain pattern veneer over MDF wood. I tried taking pictures in several different lighting, but as usual pictures don't do them justice. They are a truncated pyramid shaped box with 1" baffle and 3/4" walls. The O.D. dims are as follows. Width - 9 5/16" in the rear & 6 5/8" in front. Height - 25 1/2" in rear & 24 1/8" in front. Depth - 9 1/4". There's a open internal brace between the tweeter hole and the bottom 4 3/4" hole. Each of the (2) 4 3/4" holes are closed off from the main cavity by a cup made of a 1/4" cardboard tube and a 1/4" hardboard bottom. These cups are 4 1/8' deep. The counter bore in the baffle for these holes is 5 3/4" dia by 3/16" deep. The counter bore for the 3" tweeter hole is 4 1/2" dia that's truncated down to 3 3/16" by 1/8" deep. That hole is open into the main cavity of the cab that I guess ta mate at between .8 to .9 cu ft.
    There are 8 cabs available. Each cab ( marked A thru H ) has 1 or 2 small areas or corners where the veneer has a chip / scuff / lite scratch / color rubbed off , so they could use a little TLC if it bothers you. A little filler with some powered dye or paint is what I was going to do.Most of the imperfections are on the back or bottom corners. Cab "C" is the only one with a lite scratch on the front face. Cab "D" has the worst scratch on the back.
    I'm not sure what the designer had in mind closing off the 2 holes for the 5 14" drivers and no big holes into the main cavity, but they are just cardboard so you can knock one of both of those out with no problem. Examples; Knock out both cups, close off the divider and open up the bottom hole for a truncated 6 1/2" or Tang Band 6 x 9 woofer. Leave the divider open ( or closed ) and run 2 - 5 1/4" or cut a 3rd hole and run 3 - 5 1/4" drivers. Put a 8" woofer in the back. Etc.. There's 7" between the top edge of the cab and the tweeter counter bore to enlarge the top hole if you like.
    I'm going to load pictures as many pictures as it will let me. Naturally I'd much rather drive a bit in New England ( I live in MASS ) to meet you somewhere to pick them up, but buyer pays all shipping if they need to be. I already bought some boxes and foam. Boxes are 16 3/4" x 26 1/2" x 14 5/8" and weigh about 35 lbs each stuffed pretty well with foam.
    Prices as follows; You pick up - $200 for all 8 cabs. , $100 for 4 cabs. If I meet you, add another $30. If I have to pack them and take them to UPS/Fedx for shipping - $280 for all 8 cabs,. $140 for 4 cabs
    Okay I'll upload the pictures later because I have to resize them to comply to the limits of this unsecure site.

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