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4x B&C 18SW100-4

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  • 4x B&C 18SW100-4

    Driver shown here has been tested for initial impedance. Then broken with a sine wave drive at resonance (high impedance/low current so not much power/heat). Then impedance re-measured. Never mounted in a box and/or pushed hard. I have 3 others that are new, never used at all. I had big plans for these, and am happy to share Hornresp and CAD data for what I was going to do with them. With COVID situation, I have lost the drive to push this project to completion. I'm in San Diego, CA area. Looking for $225+$25ish shipping each. Or $800+$100 shipping for all 4. Happy to meet anyone around SD or OC to avoid shipping costs.

    Email if interested.
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    Price drop, original post edited for lower prices.