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Half a tritrix mtm ported set

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  • Half a tritrix mtm ported set

    I built the tritrix TL's for LR and am building the tritrix MT's for surrounds. I want a single tritrix mtm ported for center and live in an apartment so I can't really make one without the knockdown kit.
    Does anyone in the NYC area need one too and want to go halfsies with me? I could buy the pair and sell you one speaker kit for exactly half the price?

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    Have you asked PE to sell you just one? They are just people.


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      Several people in the product q&a asked and PE responded that they don't sell single speaker kits or knockdown boxes for the tritrix line.


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        That's kind of dumb, it's a perfect center channel speaker. I had a 5.1 Tritrix set years ago, really good sound.

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      Yep. Unfortunately in my situation it looks like having home depot cut my pieces is my only option. Then I'll have to hope that the kids at home depot care enough to cut the pieces accurately and then figure out how in the heck I'm going to cut recessed speaker holes with no jigsaw or router. Right now I'm looking at the prospect of having 4.1 with no center channel.


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        maybe make a bluetooth speaker with the other one for the kitchen or gift it? Don't trust the cuts at HD lol


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          Buy the set. Then make two center channels. Give one to a good friend for his system. Done.
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            Thanks for the suggestions guys. I did go ahead and order the set because after pricing out the parts plus MDF plus the two cheapest hole saws i could find for the speaker cut-outs it was going to be $188 before taxes.. It's not worth even attempting to save $30 bucks but only get 1 speaker. They are back-ordered until December 4th but after I get them I'll just try to sell the other half of the kit for $115 and I'll throw in my spare PC board for the crossover. Surely there has to be someone in NYC that needs a ported Tritrix center channel like I did. Maybe It'll make someone's day.