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FS: THT LP Folded Horn Subwoofer

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  • FS: THT LP Folded Horn Subwoofer

    This listing is for my Bill Fitzmaurice designed THT-LP passive 15" folded horn subwoofer. It was constructed using high quality void-free birch plywood, PL Premium polyurethane construction adhesive and has 2 coats of exterior grade satin black paint. I use one channel of a Behringer A500 (185 watts) to power the THT, and it plays loud and clear. I have measured peaks well over 120db at 1 meter using a handheld SPL meter. At my listening position with the sub in the front corner of the room it measures flat down to 18Hz, and plays cleanly above 120Hz if needed. (For reference my listening space is in a great room that is 7500 ft^3, and is open to another 2000 ft^3.) I am selling this excellent subwoofer because I want to use multiple subwoofers in my room, and my wife said I have to use smaller subs if I want to add more to our system. The sub measures 24.5"(H) x 18"(D) x 72"(L). Even though it is large, it fits nicely against a wall due to its "LP" low profile design. I am keeping this local pickup only, unless the buyer wants to coordinate a freight company picking it up at my home, and taking care of everything needed for shipping.

    Price: $450
    Tampa, FL 33570

    Cheers, Joe
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