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SS D2905/9900 Revelators

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  • SS D2905/9900 Revelators

    SOLD 1 Pair. Used, test drivers from Madisound. There's a little goo (appears to be from adhesive from felt pad on one of the faceplates) from some comparative testing, mostly cleaned off with a little elbow grease. Shipping from 36526 Yours for $175 + shipping ($235 ea @ Madisound right now)
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    Re: SS D2905/9900 Revelators

    I will give you 125.00 for the pair if you are interested.


    " Voicing is often the term used for band aids to cover for initial design/planning errors " - Pallas


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      I have used the 9900 also, and yes very detailed but can be edgy sounding. Others say to use well designed LCR which can reduce the detail & attack but smoother sound.
      For a few more $ try the Raven R1 ribbon tweeter, very smooth, more extended, infinite detail, but not sure if it mcdvoice images as well.
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