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FS in Los Angeles: subwoofer, subwoofer cabinet, oscilliscope, KEF bookshelfs...

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    Do you still have the dsp and the Oscilloscope? And how much and pics please


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      No, sorry - I'm not able to edit the subject line, unfortunately. It went to a very good home though - someone well known in the audio community!


      Originally posted by carlthess40 View Post
      Do you still have the dsp and the Oscilloscope? And how much and pics please


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        For anyone wanting a VERY capable subwoofer at a great price: I have a JBL LSR6312SP ported 12" studio subwoofer, with the really nicely engineered split-gap neodymium motor that JBL uses in their highest end woofers. Caveats: amplifier is blown, cabinet is in rough shape, and the driver has the dust cap mushed in. Benefits - price! Looking for a firm $185 for the cabinet with driver and blown amplifier, and an outboard Audio Control Architect Model 100 which has an INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT adjustable subsonic high-pass PERFECT for rolling off below the port tuning frequency. The amplifier is rated at 210 watts RMS @ 2 ohms, but using a single channel (not bridged) should allow for a bit more. The factory amplifier is 250 RMS so it's fairly close.

        This is DEFINITELY local pickup only (zipcode = 90042) as it's big, heavy, and bulky.



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          June bump!

          Happy June everybody - this'll be the last one without the mitigating effects of La NiƱa so we should enjoy the "good" weather before next year's delivery!


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            Some additions: all for local pickup in Los Angeles only! All prices firm.

            Have a HSU VTF-2 (original, not mark 1/2/3) subwoofer with a dead amp. Is a well designed ported 10" sub in a solid cabinet, that had variable tuning via the amp based on plugging zero, one, or both ports. Amplifier has dead power transistors, so not worth fixing, but has a good transformer, etc. Looking for $25 for the sub as is (you can use with an external amplifier) or $95 with a Dayton SA-240 which fits the amplifier cutout almost perfectly.

            Have a dead JBL LSR6312SP studio ported 12" subwoofer. This has the really really nice split-gap JBL 252F differential drive motor (cast frame, kevlar cone, neodymium motor, picture here: that works really well in this enclosure. The driver is unique in that it's a 2 ohm driver, optimized for the partnering amplifier. Looking for $85 for the box/driver combination (driver dust cap is ripped a little, works fine), or $135 with an AudioControl Model 200 stereo amplifier that is 2 ohm stable (80/175/210 RMS @ 8/4/2 ohms) AND has an adjustable high-pass filter (3rd order, from 20 Hz. on up) that is KINDA PERFECT for this subwoofer!

            Have a harmon/kardon AVR520 receiver I was using with a MiniDSP for active crossover projects as it has inputs directly into all 5 channels of the power amplifier (see here Amplifier is rated at 75/100 watts into 8/4 ohms. Looking for $55 for this - is perfect for any 2 way active crossover projects!

            Have a JBL SB210 pro-audio 2 x10" ported subwoofer with a damaged box. Has two high power, aluminum/ceramic 4 ohm 10" drivers, looking for $73, T/S below

            Re 3.32 ohms
            Fs 25.4 Hz.
            Qts 0.41
            Qms 3.31
            Qes 0.47
            Vas 75 l
            Eff. 85.7db
            Sd 340 cm^2
            MMS 87.9g
            BL 9.94
            xmax 7.5mm