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Dayton Audio EMM-6 + Behringer ULTRAGAIN PRO MIC2200

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  • Dayton Audio EMM-6 + Behringer ULTRAGAIN PRO MIC2200

    I'm considering buying a Dayton Audio EMM-6 and using it with REW. I used to do some recording, so I have a Behringer ULTRAGAIN PRO MIC2200 lying around. That particular mic preamp has a tube to give it "warmer" sound. If I recall, it can be turned almost all the way down, though. It also has EQ stages that can be turned off.

    Is it OK to use the EMM-6 with the MIC2200 as a preamp, or am I going to totally throw off my results?

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    Well not sure what the tube will do, but you should be OK with your mic preamp. You might consider instead a mic with USB outputs such as the UMM6. This gets around your problem completely. Another decent choice is the iMM-6, though feeding a PC is a little tricky due to it's tiny connector. I personally find it pretty accurate, but others claim otherwise.