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Math functions and UI issues

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  • Math functions and UI issues

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a big fan of OmniMic except for the completely math functions. I would like help with the mechanics please. I really do not want to use a spreadsheet for this, it's just one of many uses for what I'm going to ask, so please don't ask me to use Blender.

    I have a driver near-field FR file. I have a baffle step simulation from the Edge software. The driver is in absolute dB while the Edge is 0 based. 0 at 20 Hz, and +6 or something at 800 Hz where the peak of the baffle step is.

    I would like to take the near field FRD file and ADD the baffle step FRD file to it. Could some one please explain to me the UI step by step?



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    So I've discovered a bug that has been at least part of my confusion. The list of added curves is not consistent. Load a curve, do some math, and go look again.... sometimes you get the full list sometimes not.