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Omni Mic for recording guitar?

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  • Omni Mic for recording guitar?

    I am just wonder by chance if anyone has ever used the OmniMic as a stand-alone mic with another program for recording guitar?

    Bill, if you see this can you let me know if you think the mic could be used for such recordings?

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    An omnidirectional pattern is not ideal for instrument recording. You'll capture all the echo/reverb of the recording room as well. Use a condenser or dynamic mic with cardioid pattern.
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      If any single microphone placement could be considered a “standard,” it might be a small-diaphragm condenser mic with a cardioid pattern, placed about six inches from the instrument and pointed at the lower bout. The cardioid vidmate pattern is more sensitive in front of the microphone with greater rejection of sounds from the sides (and even more rejection from the rear of the mic). Typically, the mic points about halfway between the soundhole and the point where the neck joins the body, a couple of inches below the neck.
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          Omni-directional microphones capture sound in a 360-degree pattern. Unlike cardioid, supercardioid or figure 8 microphones, it's equally sensitive to sound from all directions. Sometimes called “pressure microphones,” omni mics measure sound pressure at a fixed point in space.


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