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  • Portable PA amp ??

    I originally posted on the Tech Talk Forum and someone suggested to post to Pro Audio forum.

    I'm putting together a small portable rack case (mixer,eq and amp). I'm not a pro DJ, but do a lot of
    free music and sound reinforcement stuff for the school PTA activities, YMCA, pool parties and other various activities the kids are into. I now currently own 2X: MA602, 2X: MA1202 and 2X: CE4000. Just pick these up at an auction for a song. I will be running homemade 3 way 15" boxes. I was previously using an off brand 250 watt. The MacroTech1202(310w @8) should be plenty loud enough for what a need but the CE 4000([email protected]) has more overall power. I keep debating myself on which amp to mount in the case.

    Should I go with the better sounding amp (MacroTech1202) or go with more power (CE4000) and the extra potential for volume?

    Just looking for different points of views,


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    Comparing the 2 amps on the basis of db and NOT wattage and you will see the difference is not that large.
    From my experience the Macro line is more robust; I have a CE2000 with a bad channel.
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      It's debatable if the Macrotech really is better sounding than CE IMO, all the data I have seen on Macrotechs shows they produce higher distortion than many others and this "warmth" is what people find desirable. The CE4000 has a totally different topology than it's smaller brothers and was very well respected so you have good candidtes to pick from, you probably don't need the extra power the CE provides but it's substantially lighter than the MA so why not.
      Paul O


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        I'd sell them all and get an iNuke 6000DSP . Or the Crown equivalent. With that you can do away with your EQ, and I'll bet that it's much lighter (and therefore more "portable" than the Macrotech. You can also use the DSP features to get the best out of your 3-ways. If that's not an option then the CE IMO is the way to go. Too much power is usually better than too little, but make sure YOU are the one controlling the volume knob
        Brian Steele


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          I finally got a chance to do some real testing and went with the Ce-4000 in the box. I feel the MA1202 sounds a little better at normal volumes, but for the purpose of running some 3 way 15's the extra power of the Ce-4000 wins hands down. The 600 watt/per compared to 310 watt/per more than makes up for the small difference in sound quality. Plus, its about 12lbs lighter.