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Mixing guitar speakers?

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  • Mixing guitar speakers?

    It seems I have become the go to for the bands broken equipment! My brothers marshal cab had a bad speaker and upon further investigation he really has 3 bad speakers. Apparently the magnets shifted and pinched the voice coils. They still made noise but the cones did not budge when I pressed on them so I dissected one only to find the pole piece had shifted and pinched the voice coil. Anyway...

    I told him he should try some eminence man o wars but he only wants to replace 3 and use the celestion gt12-75 that is still good. I know people people mix and match guitar speakers all the time but don't know if 3 similar drivers will wreak havoc on the 1 celestion. Is this a valid concern? I would think the parameters might be close enough not to worry but I don't know.

    Also Is there maybe an even cheaper alternative to the celestion? He likes the sound of the cab loaded with the celestions so I am trying to keep the sound signature similar.

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    Since no one else has replied:
    The general guidelines all seem fairly similar - drivers should have close sensitivity, and power handling. There is some difference of opinion as to similarity in frequency response characteristics.
    Less face it guitarists can be opinionated and idiosyncratic when it comes to "their" sound - I just read comments from guys who don't like ( mildly stating ) the G12T-75.
    The Man-O-War does seem to be a popular replacement, perhaps paired with The Governor.

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      The man o war has a similar frequency response to the Celestion, but a little higher sensitivity, more power handling, and less expensive. From what I've read, mixing drivers in guitar cabinets is common. Could buy two of the Eminence, and one new Celestion. Having one mis-matched driver won't hurt anything, it just "seems" weird,