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What type of failure is this?

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  • What type of failure is this?

    I understand that it's a mechanical failure as opposed to burning the coil but what what specifically? Coming out of the gap? Hitting the magnet? Debris in the gap? Sent from my HTC 2PST2 using Tapatalk

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    Looks like the coil was driven out of the gap and hit one side of the gap on its return. Did the surround or spider fail as well?
    Brian Steele


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      Surround and spider looked fine with no issues Sent from my HTC 2PST2 using Tapatalk


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        Voice coil left the gap possibly? Still seems odd, the level of damage. I've had many coils leave the gap and get jammed or dinged but this is tweaked.


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          Over excursion. Whether it hit the back plate or came out of the gap is moot, either way the result is a dead driver.


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            Yeah. short DC pulse at 40V would do that to most drivers- launch it forward and when the DC lets off the overstretched suspension slams the former back into the top plate or back plate.

            Either an amp malfunction (DC) or WAYYYYYYYY too much power would be my guess. Very high power at LF below box tuning could do it too. If you're using vented systems at high power, a high pass filter (in DSP/Preprocessing) is recommended below tuning.


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              That speaker was done the instant you heard it go clank!
              Unless you modify your set up and operation it will happen again.

              What model speaker is/was that, the voice coil former looks like an older JBL and what type of cabinet
              was it in.

              Mike Caldwell