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  • Kustom Tuck and Roll hmm

    I thought I might pop in here and get peoples take on these and what can\should be done to them. There are in pretty good shape and there are no blown drivers so far as I can tell, I haven't had them apart yet.
    My first thought was to replace the drivers with new units and a coax for the upper end and use then for background listing (HA!). Or should I just offer them up to a local band or guitar player. While I was typing that It occurred to me that the music dept at my school might be able to put them to use.... Ideas, thoughts, comments...? They are the 4 10" cabs with sparkly blue naugahyde, they even have the heavy duty covers.

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    They might be made useful with new drivers, but it would take a full reverse engineering to see if it makes sense. As originally built they were very large very loud midrange speakers, with both the cab and drivers pre-dating the use of T/S specs.