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Vehicle Mounted PA Suggestions Wanted

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  • Vehicle Mounted PA Suggestions Wanted

    Our SCCA club has recently acquired a small bus to replace our timing and scoring trailer. One of the goals of the bus is to simplify setup and tear down time during events. We currently use a pretty typical PA, with an amp mounted in the trailer, and stand mounted 10" speakers. This works fine, and setup doesn't require too much effort, but is just one of many things that have to be dealt with.

    With the new bus, it would be nice to permanently mount speakers on the vehicle, so the only effort required is to turn on the amp and plug in the mike. This vehicle gets stored outside during 110 degree summers, and I believe any cone type speakers would not last long. I want to just check, and see if there are any suggestions for drivers that might possibly last for a few years exposed in the weather.

    I know there are horn PA speakers, but I don't know if the quality of sound would be a letdown after having used our current PA cabinets. The PA is mainly used for the driver's meeting and race commentary during an event, however we occasionally play music before events or if there is significant down-time during a race.

    Of course we are a non-profit club, with a very limited budget, so costs are a concern. It may be our current stand mounted cabinets are still the best soulution, but any other suggestions or discussion would be appreciated.

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    Fold up speaker mounts on the side would make it so you didn't have to carry/setup speaker stands every time. If the van has a radio inside you could use a line out to feed radio to the amplifier. Possibly one less component to carry around.


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      Yeah, I don't think that mounting the speakers permanently on the van is going to work out well.

      ​You could look at using car audio amps for power, and an inverter to power everything else - that way you don't have to worry about setting up the amp and the generator. I use Alpine PDX amps in my car audio build, and I bought extra plugs for the speaker outputs so I can plug my small PA into them from time to time, e.g. when we're having a beach party. It takes me just a few minutes to set up the speakers, because normally I just plug them in to the amps when I'm packing the car for the trip to the beach.
      Brian Steele


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        I guess I already knew the answer. I just figured I'd ask in case I there was something out there I wasn't aware if,

        I saw wall-mount speaker stands, like Ken suggested. I think this is the way to go. I can run the wires internally, with a jack (in a weatherproof box) near each speaker location. The fiberglass body will probably need a little extra reinforcement behind the stands.

        Brian, we'd need a generator anyway, since we also run several computers for timing equipment, and the events last up to 10-hours. I don't think we'd want the truck engine idling that long.

        Thank you for the replies.


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          ..oops..double post...


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            Originally posted by chad1376 View Post
            Brian, we'd need a generator anyway, since we also run several computers for timing equipment, and the events last up to 10-hours. I don't think we'd want the truck engine idling that long
            ​You won't need to, if you add a deep-cycle battery or two to the build . For one of the events where my mini-PA system was used, the set was run for about 8 hours straight with one of those deep-cycle 12V boat batteries, and the voltage on the damned thing had dropped something like 0.1V when we were finished. You can even toss in a solar panel to trickle charge the things when the van's not in use. It's all about determining how much power your devices actually use, then sizing the battery storage accordingly. Done right, you'll have one less noisy generator to set up and add background noise to your music ..
            Brian Steele