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  • Help with Harmon Kardon PC Sub

    Hey, guys. While perusing the electronics selection at Goodwill yesterday, I picked up a Harmon Kardon H/K595 subwoofer for $15. This would be perfect for my small home office. Unfortunately, the sub requires its companion desktop speakers w/ integrated controller to work; specifically, the Left speaker contains the volume/treble/bass control.

    I use an SMSL AD18 80x2 watt amplifier for my desktop Left/Right, and would like to connect the Sub output from this amplifier to the input on the sub amp. Is there a way to bypass Left speaker control module so I can get this to work as just an amplified subwoofer? I realize that bypassing the controller will remove the LPF to the sub, so I could just pick up a cheap inline Dayton LPF to keep the high frequencies away from the sub.

    Also, the Left/Right connectors appear to be XLR-type jacks (which I’m not familiar with).

    If I can get this amp to also power my desktop speakers, that would be an added bonus. I’d like to use my SMSL AD18 as my project amp, so I don’t always have to disconnect it when I’m playing with a new build.
    Any help is greatly appreciated, as I’m a novice w/ limited electronics knowledge who is just getting into audio.

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