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DIY 3-Way 2.1 Speaker System

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  • DIY 3-Way 2.1 Speaker System

    Hello DIYers and audio enthusiasts, I has been in the 2-CH audio hobby since my childhood and raised with great old-school Technics stereo component systems, A/V receivers and classic 12"/15" 3-Way speakers, however after slowly leaving my teenage I started having love for the Pro/Studio audio gear followed by DIY speakers.
    Then I've recently made a relatively compact 2.1 budged Pro speaker system for my small bedroom (10.5' x 8.5') with standard/affordable Pro audio parts all available from Parts Express, with the exception of the legacy equipment and subwoofer driver that already had, also while aesthetics is not my department unfortunately, I'm quite happy with with the final results so far that I decide to join PETT and post the projects for DIYers reference as well as for comments/recommends by the experts.
    Since 90% of the speakers project is Pro gear (all parts available at PE), I choose this forum to share the build process pictures and basic measurements, so here we go:

    10" 3-Way Speakers build process:

    15" Subwoofer build process:

    Parts Express part list reference:

    Speakers build:
    2x PRV 10W450-4 10" Woofer, Part # 294-2718
    2x PRV 6MB200 6-1/2" Midbass, Part # 294-2700
    2x PRV D280Ti-S Compression Driver, Part # 294-2827
    2x Eminence APT 200S 90x90 1" Horns, Part # 290-557
    2x Parts Express 10" Steel Speaker Grill, Part # 260-373
    2x Parts Express 6" Metal Seaker Grill, Part # 260-371
    4x Penn-Elcom G0727/NO Speaker Clamp 4 Pcs, Part # 262-360
    8x Penn-Elcom F1686 Rubber Cabinet Foot 1.57" Dia, Part # 260-770
    4x Penn-Elcom 9106 Rubber Cabinet Foot 2.5" Dia, Part # 260-772
    2x Neutrik NL4MPR Speakon Connector 4 Pole Chassis Mount, PE Part # 092-054

    Crossover Parts:
    2x Audyn Q4 33uF 400V MKP Capacitor, PE Part # 027-121
    2x Audyn Q4 47uF 400V MKP Capacitor, PE Part # 027-122

    Measurement Equipment:
    1x Dayton Audio EMM-6 Measurement Microphone: Part # 390-801

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    Very nice fit and finish. Interesting subwoofer choice...

    I like the look of the old school round waffle grills. I know a lot of people don't for some reason, but it is very effective, easy and retro. How do they sound with the DSP? Also, what is the reason for the passive XO components on the woofer/mid? (I understand the fail safe cap on the tweeter)

    Your results may vary.


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      Originally posted by mattp View Post
      Very nice fit and finish. Interesting subwoofer choice..

      Hi mattp, Thanks for the input, I do also like retro look and the overall simplicity when build with premade items such grills and the like.

      As for the sound, with the DSP they sound very clean and can gets pretty loud with minimal fatigue, since the active LP xover point for the mids is 60Hz LR2, I decided to set a fixed xover point of 420Hz 1st-order to reduce distortion/IMD when pushed to loud levels, think like a Pseudo 4-Way speaker system.

      As for the subwoofer choice, just happens that I had few NIB car subwoofers in the storage room and that Kicker L5 was the biggest I had and decided to give it a duty, though I'm still thinking if modify the box to fit one UM-1822, however since this is solely a 2-CH music setup and since the sub actually fill my small room still can't decide.

      Overall DSP xover is set to: 60Hz LR2-LP, 1.6KHz LR4-HP for the mains, and 60Hz LR4-LP and 16Hz BW8-HP(Low-Cut) and sounding great so far.



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        Just an update, the woofer inductor has been bypassed for wider and punchier mid band image for the 10W450-4 since the distortion is still negligible at loud levels.
        Click image for larger version

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