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  • Speaker upgrade?

    So I recently scored a used PA for a few hundred bucks. I have a Behringer Europower 6000 powered mixer, 2-VS1220 speakers, and 2-VS1220F monitors. They all work. I was curious if anyone has upgraded the speakers and drivers in these cabinets, and what was used? I'm just looking for a little upgrade in performance, nothing crazy. Recommendations??

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    One can only make an upgrade if one knows what the original drivers are and has data sheets for them. Otherwise you're playing darts in the dark, while blindfolded.


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      The ad verbage suggest these boxes contain something called a "dual electro dynamic" high freq driver which I suspect is code for piezo, if that is the case the single best upgrade is to replace them with a real compression driver but that will also require a real crossover which I bet this box doesn't have.
      Paul O


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        You can figure the box volume, take the port dia, and length and kind of reverse engineer the box with one of the many speaker tuning programs available modeling
        various 12 inch speakers.

        As Paul noted those look they have piezo tweeters in them, I'm going agree as well that a new horn, compression driver even with a basic crossover with nothing extra tricky going on other than padding the compression driver down to match the woofer would be big improvement.

        How much time and money you want to put into a speaker that sells for $130 is up to you.
        Mike Caldwell


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          I couldn't find anyone who upgraded these; frankly it is kinda amazing that a 2x box at that price point can be fabricated.
          I couldn't find much tech data either, and made the same guess that it uses piezos - The crossover point is listed as 3500Hz.
          My guess is that if you open it up, you would verify this the absence of much of a crossover ( if any ).
          Tough call to decide on course of action - but that crossover point alone indicates a common weakness of entry 2X boxes of this type.
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