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cabinet depth limit for Eminence 10 inch Bass Woofer

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  • cabinet depth limit for Eminence 10 inch Bass Woofer

    I have an Eminence 10 inch Bass woofer in a cube shaped 1.5 cu. ft. cabinet.
    I would like to install it in a similar sized cabinet , but wider and not as tall so my TubeWorks 60 Tube Amp will sit on top .
    The Amp is 23 inches wide .
    I don't want to go with a 9 inch depth on the speaker cabinet like a guitar combo cabinet but wondered what is the shallowest depth I can use without creating problems ?
    The Eminence is around 5 inches deep and is used for Electric and Acoustic Bass Guitar
    Thanks for any thoughts on the topic

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    The cab has to be deep enough to fit the driver inside, including enough space for the acoustic damping material that lines the back to have an inch or so clearance to the magnet.


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      If the motor is vented, an inch or 2 of clearance would be sufficient. A 9" depth (frankly) looks just about right. If you want it deeper (using 3/4" walls), what about ODs of 23"w x 11"d x 14"h ?
      I wouldn't go any shallower than 8"OD. (Is that cab stuffed? I suppose a guitar cab MIGHT sound neater w/out any stuffing?


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        Thanks Bill and Chris , I appreciate your advice
        Looks like 23X11X14 is the way I'm going to go forward