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2x10 bass cabinet

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  • 2x10 bass cabinet

    i have a 2x10 bass cabinet that I want to remove 1 speaker, it’s ported should I cover the hole the speaker is removed from or leave it open?

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    Yes plug the hole otherwise the box tuning will be totally messed up. With only 1 driver the box would then be twice as big as it needs to be and tuning will change, that may or may not be a problem for you.
    Paul O


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      Not only should you cover it, but you should also internally divide the box in half, AND (then) re-tune the port by making it longer.
      What (exactly) are you up to?


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        Originally posted by Paul O View Post
        With only 1 driver the box would then be twice as big as it needs to be and tuning will change
        The tuning will only change by a slight amount, as the net increase in box size won't be much. The response will change, though, with a boost around Fb. That may be a good thing if the box was undersized to begin with, but probably not if was correctly sized. Of course the voltage sensitivity and maximum SPL will both go down by 6dB, so it's not something you'd want to do unless you fully understand the ramifications, which is very unlikely here, otherwise the OP wouldn't have asked the question.


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          What is the reason you want to remove one woofer?