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Spica TC-50s too old and crusty to enjoy daily?

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  • Spica TC-50s too old and crusty to enjoy daily?

    So I’ve been looking at building a little hi-fi system to for music to go along side my new Bose Lifestyle 650 5.1 system and I been eyeing a pair of TC50s. I’ve heard wonderful things about them but I’m wondering if they’re simply too old to enjoy at louder volumes with not many replacement parts to go around. Same goes for stuff like old Thiels (I hear they melt amps too). What do you guys think? I like the Bose system, it sounds awesome but I want something more hi-fi and traditional but the Spica’s too old to enjoy daily? Showbox Tutuapp Vidmate
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    Wrong sub forum, this is for live sound questions. But, to give you an answer, this whole forum is mostly about DIY speakers and amps. Some forum members know a lot about vintage speakers, but I feel you could get a much livelier discussion at a vintage sound forum. My .02 cents.


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      google may not be your friend at its core, but it is useful