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Exceptional 18" drivers for 8 cu.ft., 25hz tuning ported box?

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  • Some Guy
    4 ohm? Take a look at the Eminence Impero 18. Heck, if you want 8 ohm (though why would you?), the Impero 18 8 ohm version will work. The 4 ohm version in that box tuned to 25 Hz will bble oe well damped and capable of 115+db at Xmax with 300 watts. If you are willing to alter tuning (raise the box to 30-32 Hz by shortening the vent) you will get better performance. Try playing around with both versions in WinISD...

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  • scottvalentin
    LaVoce SAF184.03

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  • Chris Roemer
    Dayton's RSS460HO-4 should better 105dB @ 24Hz @ 500wRMS in THAT box

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  • Exceptional 18" drivers for 8 cu.ft., 25hz tuning ported box?

    Hello guys,

    I need to find great performing, high output (and suitable for the EXISTING boxes) 18" drivers for 8 cu.ft., tuned to 25hz sub boxes.
    I already have the boxes and they are good quality so I intend to use them.

    The original drivers were the exceptional Aura 1808, but now those are unobtanium.
    I need suitable replacements given the box (maybe not as good as the Aura with 18mm xmax but something that will work well)

    Purpose: small outdoor gigs.

    My current findings (that model well in WinISD)
    Ciare 18.00SW-4

    Your thoughts or recommendations would be truly appreciated.