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Are Dayton BST-1 enough for stage/band use in place of Buttkicker BK-CT Concert?

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  • Are Dayton BST-1 enough for stage/band use in place of Buttkicker BK-CT Concert?

    I play in our church band. We're amateur musicians, on a small stage area (covered with ceramic tile) - and use floor monitors.
    Was wondering if the 2-pack of BST-1 and 200w amp combo (about $200) from Parts Express would give enough feedback for bass guitar and drummer so we can feel the low freqs and get in time better.
    I'm sure you get what you pay for on this, but wondering if anyone has used the BST-1 in a live performance situation for this reason, and can give some opinions.
    The drum throne would get one BST-1 and for bass, I'd make a small platform isolated with rubber feet to stand on.
    Good enough? Or will we be disappointed and wish we spent the extra $400-600?

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    I don't see using a bass shaker for this purpose, and I've never seen it done either. I really don't see being on a stage that's not carpeted. Ceramic tile is pretty much the worst possible material for a stage. Not being able to hear the kick usually indicates too much stage volume, with guitars being the usual suspects. If the drummer can't hear the bass that's usually because there's not enough midrange in the bass feed to the monitors.


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      Thanks for the reply.
      Buttkickers are used frequently in live band performances. That's not the question.
      I was wondering if the BST-1 are good enough in a situation like this. The Buttkicker concert versions certainly are, and sold for this use. The piston weight on the Buttkicker concert version is the same weight as the entire BST-1 shaker.
      Since the church is on a tight budget, is the $400-600 savings going to give us buyer's remorse?
      Does anyone have experience with the BST-1 on stage?