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    Hi folks, my name is Brian and I've been an avid reader of the forums for quite some time. Just for starters I'd like to say thanks to everyone who works so hard to make DIY useful, and I hope some time in the near future I can make some contributions of my own. I've been a learn-it-yourself sound engineer for 15 years, and a musician for 30. I run a small sound company that can provide backline, lighting, and audio for crowds up to 500. I also have a personal studio that has recorded many of my towns local bands, some of which I've gained some personal recognition for. I also try (real hard) to get along with DJ's around the area. On the diy side, I've built a set of Bill Fitzmaurice Snails, Snail II's, Bi-amped live sound monitors, my own set of dual 15" subs, and my own set of single 15" subs ('my own' meaning my design from start to finish.... and designed so the duals and singles will work together in a cardioid array), and replicated the Peavey FH-1 cab with minor modifications that worked well (thinner material for a lighter cab as well as changed the throat diameter to work bettter at lower frequencies). I also DIY cables (except power or HV cable), rack boxes, mixer cases, job boxes, I/O panels.... you name it and I've either thought of it or did it. ...... all that just to say hi! lol

    My first question is this: What is the typical gig for most people here? Are you a weekend warrior, hobbyist, or touring pro? Do you provide sound for other bands, your own, or are you in 'another' industry (manufacturer, etc...). Do you use your own DIY designed speakers (amps, pre-amps, etc...), if so, how rider friendly are they and how much do you have to go through to get them to accept them when the rider states 'no proprietary speakers', which I seem to keep hearing more and more?

    Thanks for any replies!

    BTW- I'm also a stones throw from PE, an avid Dayton user, and completely addicted to good sound, if you want to hear some Daytons being used to their capabilities, PM me soon, I'll be leaving in late March/early April to go on tour. Oh yeah.... and terrible at run-on sentences :D