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    Originally posted by jhollander View Post
    Hi Seth, I enjoyed them as well. I've got a few vacuum bagging questions. I can send you a PM if you would prefer?

    Looks like you cut the driver holes before veneering. What did you do to keep the veneer from caving in at the cut outs when vacuum bagging?
    I'm doing 4 veneer projects a year should I opt for the poly bag over the vinyl?
    I've got a nice Busch 9 cfm vacuum pump. Do I need to add an automatic start stop vacuum switch? I plan to do a PVC vacuum receiver.
    Any glue you'd recommend for a beginner? I plan to start with paper backed veneers.
    Hi John,

    I always try to cut the driver openings after veneering, but that rarely happens. The primary reason is because mid bass openings like to be chamfered on the back side. It's always best to do that before the baffle is attached. There are a number of ways to keep the veneer from caving in on the driver openings. One is to insert something in the driver opening supported by the recess (like a piece of masonite or old laminate flooring. Once it's out of the bag, you can cut the veneer around the recess and remove the disc. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

    The other way is put a platen on top. I prefer this method because it's simpler. The thinner the better to make sure that you have no problem with the platen conforming to the surface.

    Regarding bags, the poly is quite a bit more expensive, but definitely my preferred. I have 20 mil poly. I also have a 20 mil vinyl. Vinyl doesn't stretch as well, nor does it remain as flexible. You can repair both (ask me how I know that) so it's not an issue.

    A 9 cfm pump is a nice sized pump, and bigger than I use. A bigger pump is nice because it pulls air out of the bag quicker. I have a small gast pump for my little bag that doesn't remove air quickly at all. I definitely recommend an auto start/stop switch. The bag will lose air over a period of time, guaranteed. The pump detects the loss in pressure and reacts. Your pump is likely not designed for continuous run. My little gast pump for my small bag is designed that way. My large pump starts and stops.

    I have lots of feelings on adhesives and which ones are right for your application. Feel free to PM me and I can share a few things.


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      Please keep it in this thread if possible guys I would like to pick up some tips!
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        Hi Seth - are the lightnings ported, or sealed? Also, the roundovers, can you detail how you achieved this a little more. Are there any 1inch router bits for rounding?


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          I can answer that, as we discussed in detail how he does things. He uses the table saw and multiple slices/cuts to achieve his curves. The Lightning is ported, IIRC.
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            There's a link somewhere where Seth showed a sled jig for his router.
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              Here's the link

              John H

              Synergy Horn, SLS-85, BMR-3L, Mini-TL, BR-2, Titan OB, B452, Udique, Vultus, Latus1, Seriatim, Aperivox,Pencil Tower


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                Sorry, I’m a little late to the party. Ben is correct, they are ported and I have used the table saw many times to create that edge detail. The link John posted with the bamboo strips was my first attempt way back in 2012. While it worked, it was a hassle and a huge time suck. The table saw is way faster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro