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The Bagatti Type 35 A

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  • The Bagatti Type 35 A

    I built one knock off of the Bagby Contiuum without buying the kit. No ... nobody gave me the crossover plans. I figured it out from pictures of the kits and builds and from measurements Jeff has posted. The name is derived from Bagby LS 3/5A and Bugatti Type 35.

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    Looks good, but where's the squiggly lines??? Like the name and the baffle color...I'm a sucker for bright blue! So your thoughts on the sound? Is it as good as everyone says?

    The "SB's" build page


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      I sanded most of the squigly lines straight except were the front panel paint bled into the mahogany veneer. I covered the edge of the veener with 1/4 black pin stripping tape. Did you know that it is possible to work in an auto parts store and not know what pin stripping tape is?

      It sounds extremely analytical without being bright or hard. You tube videos will make you crazy hearing the bad audio on most of them. I had to to listen to this one though.
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        Looks good.

        I'm a little confused though. If you used the same drivers and reverse engineered the cross-over, is it still not a pair of Contiuum, or is your cross-over circuitry different?


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          Agreed, a little confusing, is it Jeff's crossover or not? If so they're Continuums and Jeff deserves the credit. If you made your own crossover, it would be good to see the FR plot to see how it compares, it will be very tough to beat the response Jeff gets from any of his designs.

          Javad Shadzi
          Bay Area, CA

          2-Channel Stereo system in the works with Adcom components and 4-way towers


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            Jeff published the transfer function and frequency response or the drivers and network. I don't have his schematic or the exact component values of his proprietary network but made some educated guesses on part values based pictures of the kits and builds. Values were adjusted on my simulations and listening I think I am pretty close. I spent a good amount of time listening to Tyger's Continuums at Lonestar audio fest where half a dozen people wanted to build them. I have only built one speaker and paid 30 bucks for open box AC 130 and 20 bucks for the tweeter on ebay. My box is 1/2 birch ply and shorter and deeper than the standard Continuum. I did some very good discount and surplus buying and used first rate parts iincluding paralleled 1 percent metal film resistors low ESR inductors, and ASC and Sprauge polypropylene caps.

            Jeff did a great design and the kit is a good deal. I wanted to build one for now and wanted to use my own parts which I have hundreds of. Jeff made the crossover proprietary but put a lot of info on the design out there. I had to do lot research and modeling to come up with my "copy" but built one speaker for around 100 bucks including wood and hardware. I doubt I could build another for under 150 without serious shopping for deals on driver. I really like it want to build another LS 3/5A clone with some other European drivers from eBay.