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Klipsch RC7 Center Channel Redo

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  • Klipsch RC7 Center Channel Redo

    A buddy of mine bought two Khorns, two LaScalas and two RC7 center channel speakers from a house sale. I took the RC7 components and put them in a vertical WWT setup in new cabinets with birdseye maple veneer and new grill frames with white grill cloth. The speakers sound great using the original Klipsch parts and a slightly modified xover on the tweeter leg. He is pleased with these.

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    Ken, as always beautiful. not sure about those white grills, though...let the beautiful shine, I say.


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      Thanks Andy. Yeah the white grills were a requirement of my friend's wife. My wife didn't like them either but they look better than I thought they would. WAF was the most critical part of this build! The magnets holding the grill make it easy to show the fronts without the peg holes


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        Beautiful as always Ken. I agree regarding the white grills though....
        Your results may vary.


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          I think grills on modern speakers look bad because we add them on almost as an afterthought. In the days of fine cabinet makers, the grill was seen as a part of the overall design, and was appropriately decorated with slats and other decorations, along with the prerequisite name plate.

          Since our designs today are typically less ornate, that approach would not work. But, it should give us ideas for incorporating the grills into the design of the cabinet. How, exactly? Well, I'd have to think on it a bit. But, there is surely a way.

          Otherwise, another beautiful job, Ken!



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            Thanks Guys. Yeah the white grill frames were a sticky point. My friends wife wanted them and she got them. They don't have small kids so they can take them off and see the fronts without any black pegs showing since I used the hidden magnets. Right now he has them about 4 feet off the ground so little fingers can't push in the woofer cones.