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    I've played with curved cabinets a number of different times in the past. Most have included stacked lamination construction. I wanted to try something different this time. I was looking for some cabinet inspiration and found Franco Serblin. Very nice designs. I didn't copy any of them, but it did get me thinking of unique shapes with cabinets.

    Knowing that I wanted to be able to wrap this cabinet in veneer, I had to make sure I could do it, meaning no compound curves could be used. My material of choice is usually 1" MDF. While the carcass of the cabinet is MDF, the sides are layered 1/8" hardboard. (I wrapped the entire cabinet with 1/8" hardboard after it was built to avoid major telegraphing of seams through the veneer). I will likely apply epoxy to the interior of the cabinet to help limit moisture transfer.

    Although the cabinet looks fairly simple, it's really not. The top is sloped in lieu of being parallel to the base. I liked the look it provided, and also added to my cabinet volume. Technically speaking, where the top meets the side, it should be a curve, but it was so slight, I was able to fake it with a straight line. Not sure if you can tell or not, but the width of the top at the front baffle is about 1/2" narrower than the width of the top at the back baffle.

    I used templates I had created for the MDF carcass. A 30" radius gave me the look I was after. I built a jig for the router similar to a jasper jig, but on steroids. My vacuum bag came in very handy with this build. I'm pretty sure I could have done without one but it would be a bunch more effort.

    I haven't decided on veneer yet. I'm considering black limba, but I haven't used it before. It will be unbacked. I've also toyed with the idea of dyed quilted maple, more to come on that.

    The drivers are the 6 1/2" SB carbon fiber woofer and Satori TW29 tweeter. I used this tweeter one other time and loved it. I'm anxious to hear the woofer. My crossover was developed by Jed Kunz. I'll need to do some tweaking to dial it in I think.

    A couple thoughts come to mind as I am uploading photos. First, I do a terrible job at capturing my builds with photos. I'm missing a bunch of photos of the building up of the side panels. There are five layers per side. Two, my shop is rarely that much of a mess....

    These speaker are meant for my wood shop. My previous ones went to my younger brother and that left a void that just couldn't go unfilled. this build won't be done in record time because I just have too much going on. But, I wanted to post a few pics of what I have in the works. More to come.....

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      Nice! I know what you mean about the top being wider as you go down than the top. A bit harder than it looks. I did something similar with a curved top and had to make a jig that suspended it parallel while I cut the side angles on the table saw. I like your solution!

      Looks good!

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        Wow! Your shop speakers look nicer than any I've built for my living room!

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          Cool Cabinets! I have wondered how the vacuum bag would work for something like this. Did you have any trouble with the panels trying to shift/slide as they were being flexed?
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            Originally posted by Kevin K. View Post
            Cool Cabinets! I have wondered how the vacuum bag would work for something like this. Did you have any trouble with the panels trying to shift/slide as they were being flexed?
            No, not really. I have a little bit of time while the air is leaving the bag to mess with adjustment. But, for the most part things stay put.