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Project #2: The 'Tenacious Bass 6' and 'Tenacious Bass 8' Subwoofers

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    Whew! Exellent write-up.

    Finally got to read it all. These turned out great as usual, tom. Either one would pair well with the ACG!


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      Thanks for the detailed writeup Tom! I am a major fan of your "outtakes", as they help illustrate the problem solving aspect of speaker builds. Despite those setbacks being a "negative" thing, It's always good to show the benefits of clear thinking and working around the problems. You make a great point about being patient and waiting a few weeks before going in for the final finish to allow the project to grow and avoid ghosting on the veneer work. I'm wondering if the same thing applies to baltic birch cabinets too... Never built with the stuff yet, but as you know it's in the works.
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        Great write-up! I really love the design of that Tenacious Bass 8! May consider building one of them eventually!


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          Thanks for the positive comments guys. You're too nice, I was expecting a few "botched it up, didn't you you knucklehead!" comments. Thanks for taking it easy on me.

          I have another subwoofer project planned for a friend of mine, but after showing him this project/s and asking him which look he liked better, he said he liked the look of the larger Tenacious Bass 8 cabinet a bit better. His design will use the Dayton RS series 8" subwoofer facing rear. I'm going with twins for him, they'll be two of them powered by a Crown pro-amp.

          That project should be starting up shortly in a week or two.


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