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    A few months ago I asked if anyone had experience using Extira outdoor MDF for speakers.

    I did not get alot of input, but since one experiment is often worth a thousand expert opinions, I decided to give it a go. I found an 18Sound 18LW2400 18" subwoofer on eBay cheap as a new open box item. On 18Sounds web site they provide enclosure plans.

    I built the box as recommended and then added legs and a table top. The woofer fires downwards and has high WAF as it looks like a table. I used stainless leveling legs from Amazon as my patio is unlevel. Belden 10awg 5T00UP cable. A lowly Crown XTi1000 for power and EQ duty and an Aphex Big Bottom Aural Expander to play with.

    Build gallery here:

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    Nice job, what are your satelites you are using with the sub and your listening impressions.


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      Love it! How does it sound? I'm sure overkill.... which is just enough...
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        I am using 10" JBL 2-way 'econowave' style mains. The woofer is 10" JBL 127-H and the horn is a PRV D290PY Polyimide driver. The bass can actually be a bit much if you are standing near it, your pant legs will vibrate several inches if the system is cranking. The sub is only playing 25-90Hz on a bridged Crown XTi 1002 and plays the low notes effortlessly. The mains are in stereo on a Crown XLS2002. I can easily hit 120db continuous anywhere around my pool and have peaked in the high 130s and low 140s (fast response C-weighted) closer to the sub. However, most of the time the system is just crusing at 80-90db or less. What I particularly enjoy is playing at fairly low volumes and a very popular song comes on friends will say, "I never heard the bass in that song before!" It is subtle but an 18" driver can easily do things that 8" 10" or even 12" drivers cannot do or struggle to do. I have never heard that tight and deep sound from any big-box stereo system even with subs. It seems to me you either have to spend alot of money or build it yourself and I guess that is why we are all here.