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Finished: Vinyl record speaker stands

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  • Finished: Vinyl record speaker stands

    Hi All,

    I finished these album-holding speaker stands last year, but hadn't got around to posting them. Well, I finally finished the speaker to go on top of them, so figured it was time to post them both.
    I started both of these projects were started in 2015, but things got in the way...nothing new to any of you here.

    I used some pre-veneered, ribbon-stripped mahogany MDF I bought from a guy on Craigslist a few years ago. Very nice stuff and I bought several sheets.
    I am not experienced with making tight mitered joints, but that is one of the main ways to use this material (without using hardwood on the corners.

    So, I figured I would learn as I went along. The joints weren't perfect even though I used a digital angle gauge. I also ended up getting a little "snipe" and the very end of the cuts through the table saw, not sure if that is the blade not being quite square to the fence or what. Just happened the last 1/2 - 3/4". Used a little patching to hide.

    I did as much pre-finishing of the insides as i could to eliminate the difficult inside angle varnishing and inevitable drips in the inside corners, etc. It worked out really well and i have continued to do that any chance I get. I added solid mahogany edging to the front to cover the MDF edges. I didn't miter them and probably should have, but it worked out well enough.

    They hold a good amount of records and double as the stands for the stand-mount 3-ways I made for this vinyl setup.

    Best regards, Andy.

    Build pictures are here:

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    Oh wow those look fantastic. If you ever tire of vinyl, they could be adapted into 12" three-ways!


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      Originally posted by philthien View Post
      Oh wow those look fantastic. If you ever tire of vinyl, they could be adapted into 12" three-ways!
      If he ever tires of vinyl ... he can send them my way, I'll enjoy them.

      Nice work, and good idea.


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        Very nice work Andy! That is some beautiful Mahogany you scored, gotta love Craigslist.
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