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  • My RS180 MTM MLTL

    When I first saw Jeff Bagby post his RS180 MTM design, I knew I wanted to build them. All the parts were purchased 3 years ago, but life kept on getting in the way. In February, I made it a priority to build them. After looking through some of the great builds that people have done with this design, I really liked one of the MLTL design that was posted, and decided that was the route I wanted to go.

    After three months of working on them, a little bit at a time, I finally finished them tonight.

    This was a great learning experience, with lots of pain along the way, but it was very rewarding.

    The finish is a black laminate with grain. It was my first time working with laminate. It wasn't too bad to work with and fairly easy to apply. All my other builds has been done with paint.

    They're breaking in now. I'll post a listening impression after I get them broken in. I am very happy with how they turned out.

    Thank you Jeff Bagby for the great design. Thank you to all of you for your inspiration with the builds that you post on here.

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    Nice build! I've enjoyed mine for years and expect you will too.
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      Very clean build! I wonder how much of an increase in quality and sound level these would be as compared to my Amigas.


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        Thank you for the kind words. Here are a couple construction pictures.
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          For reference, the initial thread for making the RS180 MTM MLTL is here:
          and the build thread is here:

          At the end of that second thread bungelow_ed posted an attachment with the RS180 MTM MLTL he did.  It's similar to the work that diy speaker guy and Paul K did in the threads I've referenced.


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            Stating the obvious, the builds I'm aware of all use the Bagby crossover (, but there are a number of RS180 MTM designs (Modula, Dr. K, Nat P) which pretty much just differ in the crossover.  This design should work equally well with all of them.