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The Plumber's Delight (InDIYana Nanotech winners)

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    Originally posted by Sigil View Post
    Nice speaker. Great colouring!
    I was thinking of something similar a few weeks ago.
    That if the tubing was hidden in the stand.
    But it have to be easily connected for a performance boost!! I haven't heard any speakers of this type.
    I think there called horn loaded, ports for fullrange drivers.
    So I decided on sealed because I didn't want my speakers sounding like the typical gettio blasters!!

    Originally posted by ani_101 View Post
    Not sure I understand. There is no horn or full range drivers used. It is a simple ported box, except that a small box with a low tune requires a long port. A thin and long port has resonance issues which Bill solved using a trap.

    Due to contest rules the port was outside the cabinet. Tou can have the port and trap inside the cabinet adjusting for the tube volume, build a separate compartment to hide it or have it in the stand.... All acceptable solutions

    These speakers sound very good and sounds way bigger than they look.
    Thanks, Sigil & Ani. I guess I was not really thinking about how someone would actually build my speakers when I designed them. I was only looking to get the best sound within the
    rules of the contest.
    Totally Flat:
    Plumber's Delight: