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    Hi everyone, long time no post.

    I'd been craving a DIY Sound Group 1099 home theater front stage for some time now, so I finally took the time to order parts, wire up and test the crossovers, and glue up the very well-cut MDF panels that can be purchased for a few dollars more. First, these things are fairly large speakers so make plenty of room for sorting parts. Second, if you do this, label your speaker wires running to the crossovers. Besides those tips, this was a relatively simple build with really amazing results.

    Rather than a standalone single or double sub, I used the four Peerless XLS 10" subs that were used for another prior build and was able to design an enclosure that matched the dimensions of the 1099 enclosure. This entire assembly is easily 5' tall. The subs are wired separately and in parallel to double efficiency. Very deep, clean bass coming out of the Emotiva EMC-1 processor with Emotiva 200watt two-channel amp. I wasn't surprised with how much clean SPL this system could dish out but I was surprised with how much I would enjoy them for music only. If this means anything, they have that special quality where you can stand in a far corner on the opposite wall and they still maintain the same "presence" as if you were in the "zone" (sitting on the sectional).

    For home theater? Well, for the price and "theater SPL experience", you can't find much better at any price in my opinion. After running the Dirac Live auto room correction, which is also a fairly robust algorithm, that is an especially true statement. They also measured really well with very few serious off-axis issues, which explains the experience of being able to enjoy the show in all areas of the room.

    I've only gotten around to priming the sides. Just too busy to get serious about finishing work.

    Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have questions.
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    So in the end, the enclosures are something you built from scratch? What happened to the MDF panels you purchased for a few dollars more?


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      Great lookin setup and home. I'm insanely jealous you had the opportunity to scoop a set of these up as I've been eyeing them for a LONGGGGGGG time thinking of replacing my setup.

      Would be great to hear some reviews on specific passages from movies when you get some time with them.

      Congrats and enjoy!
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        Looks like the subs are added top and bottom in boxes that match up with the mains...I can just see a seam between the mains and subs.


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          The sub setup is pretty darned nice- a lot like a SBA planar wavefront setup.


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            Holy moly. I am not even sure that is legal for home theater!
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              Hi Carpenter,
              I was searching around for builders of the NaO Note II RS and looks like you built a pair. Did you ever post your impressions of them? How do they compare to your 1099 home theater monsters? ;)
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                Wow cool build. Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoy the speakers. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk