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Advent/2 econowave help

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  • Advent/2 econowave help

    I have aquired a set of advent/2 speakers and have decided to perform an econowave upgrade. I will be using the selenium 220ti drivers and jbl 364914-001 6" square waveguide. Will be using the original woofer that I need to refoam. What I would like to know is what are the specs on the factory woofer? I've never built my own crossover, but I do know I need the specs of the woofer to accomplish a correct crossover. Next are the zilch boards still available for purchase? If not what is an acceptable alternative? Also is an L pad recommended? If so what one do you suggest? This forum is what I'm using to learn so take it easy on me.

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    You have a couple of crossover options. See this thread:

    My dad and I econowaved his Large Advents using the generic crossover and it sounds great. The 3.5mH low pass inductor on the Advent-specific crossover just looked way too large to me for a 2-way design and I had read some comments on other forums that the generic crossover sounded better.

    You definitely need the L-pad to get the proper attenuation of the compression driver. These should do:


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