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Speaker stuffing and cabinet bracing questions for Overnight Sensations

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  • Speaker stuffing and cabinet bracing questions for Overnight Sensations

    I've completed my OS build and all that's left to do is glue down the baffle. Before I make things permanent, I had the following questions:

    1) Polyfill - How much is good enough? I've read similar questions and the answer always comes back "whatever sounds good to you", but surely there's a rule of thumb? Also, the advice of a "handful" of stuffing is a problematic measurement. Does anyone have a weight recommendation?

    2) When it comes to placing the stuffing, does it matter if it's stuffed against the rear wall? Or should it be lofted to fill the entire internal space?

    3) Are there any mechanical cons (heat?) to putting in too much stuffing? Is this a significant concern for these speakers?

    4) Is there anything gained by adding bracing to the cabinet, or is this not important for this build?


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    1- I don't know an exact amount to give you. The best you can do is trial and error, see what sounds good to you and put equal amounts in each speaker.
    2- Place the fill behind the woofer.
    3- Heat build up would only be a possible concern if the fill was up tight to the resistors
    4- It couldn't hurt to add a dowel in between the side panels, but isn't necessary for this build.

    Post some pics when your done


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      5- This is the Speaker Project Gallery for finished photos and links to write-ups. Queries should be made in the TechTalk forum.

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