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  • Going after JaWZ!

    I attended MWAF for the first time last July. I wanted to hear some speakers to get a direction for a new set. I have discovered that the sonic trait I value most is life-like dynamics. E.g., rimshots, guitar plucks, even vocal inflections that are not compressed at all. To me, that gives the most life-like sound. I met Javad. In talking with him and hearing his speakers, I decided to go with a compression driver. I also met Wolf. He lives very close and has been a great help. Prior to going to MWAF, I had been talking with GodZilla about something with a compression driver. They have all been a huge help and influence on this project, so Im calling the speakers: JaWZ.

    I'm making an MTM using:
    FaitalPRO 8FE200 8" Professional Midbass 8 Ohm
    B&C DE250-8 1" Polyimide Horn Driver 8 Ohm
    SEOS-10 Waveguide

    These will go down to 90-100hz. I will augment with subs. Initially one of my home theater subs. (A DIY sealed sub with 12 TC Sounds driver that Rick Craig of Selah Audio designed for me.) As soon as these are done, I will build 3-4 subs to place around my room to give smooth bass response, similar to the AudioKinesis Swarm.
    I was going to go bookshelf, but since I would have to build stands, I decided to just do towers. They will be more steady anyway. We have several dogs who like to play; I don't want them getting knocked over. External dimensions are 49 H (when the base is attached); 12.5 W; 10 D. Im going for 1.75 cu ft internal volume, so I will seal off the bottom of the enclosure to get that on the top.
    The box is plywood. I will stain the main box, then use the piece of solid poplar (in the separate picture) for the front baffle. The other poplar plank in the 'group' picture is one I found at HD. I haven't had luck finding wood with nice grain there. (I got the separate one at a specialty lumber place with a great selection.) For some reason, the HD checkout girl gave me a discount. I basically got it for free! I will probably use it for the multiple subs.
    I had Home Depot do my first cuts. I knew they would not be totally precise, but the fronts & backs have overhang that I will trim with a router, so they didn't need to be exact. The four sides were not exactly the same width, but close enough that I was able to match two for each speaker. So, it all worked out - and saved me a lot of time!
    I'm looking forward to sharing my progress!
    Poplar plank for front baffles Back from Home Depot Let the gluing begin!

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    Looking good Steve glad to see this coming together! Javad
    Javad Shadzi
    Bay Area, CA

    2-Channel Stereo system in the works with Adcom components and 4-way towers