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Jessie Girl: 2way system for my daughter

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  • Jessie Girl: 2way system for my daughter

    Sorry for the side ways pic. These are a small 5L 2way using MCM buyout Audible Physics drivers. I've been a fan of AP for a bit now and the owner Rishi is someone I consider a true friend. He is passionate about great sound and producing top quality components.

    The enclosures measure in at 10.5h 6w 8 25d using 1/2" for the enclosure and 3/4" for the baffle. The 1"x4" ports result in an fb of 70 and f3 of 60. I used a 1/2" chamfer for the baffle.

    The crossover is straight forward 2nd and 3rd order electrical, resulting in 3rd and 5th order acoustic slopes iirc, woofer and tweeter respectively. Using components I had on hand, the crossover is probably about $15 retail.

    The response graph was taken at 1m on the tweeter axis and a distance of 1m at 90db and 1/48 octave resolution. Ignore below 200 as room effect. 3rd order distortion stays below 2nd order and is about 35db or so down iirc. Not bad for $45 in drivers!

    I will be bringing these to Meniscus this weekend and then my daughter and I will prep them for finish. She's thinking something purply and glitter lol.

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    Wish I could hear them, that curve looks terrific.

    The purple and glitter can only make them sound better. Gotta love girls.


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      Looks like a very solid design and build. Interested in the feedback you get from people this weekend. Though I might not agree with your daughters color choice, I'm sure they will look their very best when you get done.

      The "SB's" build page


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        Looks really nice. I might have to buy these drivers and check these out!


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          looks great -- and a good deal on the drivers. I just ordered the drivers and will plan on making these in the future.

          did you consider different volumes? looks like you're at about 5.8 liters for the enclosure. I wonder if I could get reasonable low freq extension from a smaller volume (3-4 liters)


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            I am at 5L fb of 70, f3 of 60. I did look at smaller, I think 4L was as small as I cared for. The port length gets to be a little problematic though. You can go sealed as well, but of course lose that extension.

            One of the reasons I used 5L is that I already had these enclosures glued up for another projectn


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              That Audible Physics 6.5" mid looks pretty nice as the mid in a 3 or 4 way project. Any experience with it?


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                Actually, you could easily use it as a woofer in a 2way. In a mltl, witj an fb of 41, the f3 is 37ish. It will also work in a sealed enclosure with an f3 of 70ish. And yes, it will work well as a mid in a 3way.


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                  Cool. Im thinking of using a pair of them with a BG Neo 3 in an MTM .. actively crossing around 2-3K .. then a 12" or a 15" on the bottom. I might pick up 4 of them to play with


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                    Originally posted by rhubarb9999 View Post
                    Cool. Im thinking of using a pair of them with a BG Neo 3 in an MTM .. actively crossing around 2-3K .. then a 12" or a 15" on the bottom. I might pick up 4 of them to play with
                    Do it now while a competitor 'look in the heads up thread' has the 6.5" on clearance for $10.


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                      I've built similar small 2-way bookshelf speakers for both my daughters, one pair is purple the other pair is green. Go figure, girls. Did you get a chance to finish them? Any final pics?


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                        No, no finish yet. We will probably work on that over the winter. For now, the concentration is on getting multiple cabinets cut up into flat packs. Too cold to work in the garage in Jan