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Variation of Paul Carmody Classix 2.5

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  • Variation of Paul Carmody Classix 2.5

    I am having problems posting a new topic. I am able to post replies with no problem, so I am posting a new topic to see if my account is enabled. I am fairly new to speaker building and, I have purchased the DC28F-8 to pair with 2 x DC160's (wired in series) for 8ohms. I would like to build an 8 ohm version of the Paul Carmody Classix 2.5 tower. I will not be able to start on these until the summer of 2018 at the earliest. I am wide open to suggestions from speaker builders on this forum, and welcome your ideas and knowledge. It can only make me better.



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    Hi Myles

    You might want to post this in the Tech Talk section, if you're able to do so.

    However, a couple of comments: Mr Carmody's Classix 2.5 use the VIFA BC25TG tweeter, rather than the Dayton DC28F. If you use the Dayton, you'll be making the " Dayton DIII" MTM speakers which are an older design. I've used the DC28F in the Tritrix, and the VIFA in the Classix II and a nameless VIFA/Peerless TM and find the VIFA sounds a bit more refined.

    The Classix 2.5 (and the DIIIs) use 2 x DC160-8s wired in parallel, to give a nominal 4 ohms impedance, so are you planning to use DC160-4s, but wired in series to produce a speaker with higher nominal impedance?

    I know very little about speaker design, having only built other peoples' projects, but if you used the DC160-4s, the crossover would have to be changed - do you have the knowledge and expertise to do this?

    Is there a particular reason you want an 8 ohm speaker: most modern solid state amps will handle 6 or 4 ohm speakers without trouble, unless you over-drive them. My Yamaha receiver is 20 years old, still sounds great and runs my 6 ohm nominal speakers with no problem at all.

    I'm also planning to build the 2.5s, as designed, but at the moment don't have an excuse to do so. They should sound great, especially for the modest $$

    Hope this helps



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      A "2.5 way" is a 2-way (LIKE an MTM > TMM) but the 2nd woofer is rolled off lower. To do that, you really need a pair in parallel w/ea other (so that eliminates your 2-4ohm woofers 2.5-way idea pretty much).


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        I have posted this topic in the Tech Talk forum. Thanks for the help Chris.