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Halus 2way mltl tower

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  • Halus 2way mltl tower

    Latest project. A mltl 2way system using buyout Audible Physics 635-CP2 6.5" woofers and MCM 53-5615 1" al dome tweeters, Paul K was kind enough to model the enclosure and his sim vs the measurement is spot on. Thank you Paul! The enclosures are 37.5h 8w 10.5d. The top half is filled with batting. The 3"diam x 4" long port gives an fb of 42hz and f3 of 40. Nothing really fancy on construction, just 3/4" mdf and 3 braces. One behind the woofer, one at 18" and one a bit above the port. The Xover is a simple 2/3 order electrical on the woofer and tweeter respectively. While the reverse null is not particularly deep, the phase tracking is very good from about 300 to 8k. 8 parts total. I have a few other tweets I may drop in just to try. Nothing wrong with this mcm tweeter mind you. It is actually pretty darn good. Still need to build some feet and decide on the finish. It is too bad the woofers are NLA. They are well built with some great features. Hopefully, AP will be able to offer them again. The name, Halus, is Indonesian (home of AP) for smooth and that is one of the best way to describe them.

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    Very nice to see a new MLTL build, even though the woofers are NLA. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. What is causing the 50'ish Hz peak, and would you post the driver phase tracking? I can't wait to see how you finish them!
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      The peak is room influenced. I should have graphs from the drivers as well. Will check later


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        Yeah, nice to see some new TL action.


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          Very nice. I was over-extended during that closeout sale, so didn't jump on it as I should have.
          Glad you like the APs.

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            To say that I am a huge fan of AP is an understatement. I also have their Ram series components (Ram 1, 2, 3, and 6). They are more geared towards car audio. I've become good friends with the owner. Great guy with some great gear!