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Vifa (Peerless) Tang Band 2-way in progress pics

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    I could love that look. 😍
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      Really happy with how these sound so far.

      I think they turned a corner in terms of break-in yesterday and after a bit more measuring and tweaking this morning they really sound great. That $29 Peerless XT25 is a great driver.

      Crossing them at 2500 LR-24dB/octave. A little baffle step correction, a bit of pad on the tweeter, a little EQ here and there and they're measuring pretty flat.

      A subwoofer definitely doesn't hurt, but they dig pretty deep on their own for such a small box.

      They live in my office and I resurrected an old Technics 1200 turntable that had a short in the tonearm. Vinyl in the office!

      Thanks for looking. On to the next project. Thinking ScanSpeak.


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        I bumped the crossover up to 3500Hz yesterday and have been A/B testing and liking the change. So nice to have the flexibility that DSP provides.

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          Very nice, the clear coat looks great. I like House of color products.


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            Hey Mike, looks terrific. How did you go about trimming/cutting the tweeter flange to match your w4? Looking to do that on a speaker and would like to know how you did it.



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              Thanks. Not sure how much help this is going to be, but I cut the holes on a milling machine with a rotary table. I cut the tweeter recess first, removed the baffle, mounted the tweeter and then machined some scrap to cover and protect the tweeter diaphragm. Then I machined the woofer recess with a sharp end mill while the tweeter was still mounted in the baffle.

              Didn't grab any pics of that part of the process. This pic is the same setup on a different project, but you get the idea. The cool thing about the mill as a circle jig is that the work spins around the cutter, so you don't have to worry about a router base running over a tweeter diaphragm.

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                perfect...thanks Mike.


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                  Great project! Thanks for sharing.

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                    How did you screw in the brass inserts? From the outside or the inside and what did you use for getting them in?


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                      Nice job! So shiny!
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