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Hello, and My Second 3-Way

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    I have both boxes built and fully assembled now, including the crossovers. I wasn't able to get the additional software to work with Open Office (I don't have Windows Office), so I'm limited to WinPCD for now. The crossover is basically unchanged from before (all 2nd order with some padding). The modeled response using the published specs looks like this (using Win PCD):
    Click image for larger version

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    I'm enjoying the sound of these speakers. They seem pleasing across the audio spectrum.

    I've been listening to:
    Wynton Marsalis Joe Cool's Blues
    Sting Nothing Like the Sun
    Dire Straits Brothers In Arms
    Holly Cole The Best of Holly Cole
    Donald Fagen The Nightfly
    Metallica Black Album
    Adele 25
    Mark Knopfler The Ragpicker's Dream
    ZZ Top Tres Hombres
    The Police Synchronicity
    Grand Funk Railroad Some Kind Of Wonderful (song)
    plus some of Waylon's songs and a small variety of other stuff.

    These speakers seem to do especially well with vocals (both male and female), and brass instruments. Electric and acoustic guitar seem good as well. The bass seems both tight and reasonably strong and it seems to go deep enough for most recordings. I do prefer the sealed bass sound to ported bass even though the latter generally goes deeper.
    They do seem a little harsh on some of the head-banging stuff. A little more tweeter padding largely corrected that, so I added an extra 2 ohms to the tweeter pad. I also added a shorting switch to remove the extra padding when desired. With the extra padding, the modeled response looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    For the time being (and since the boxes buttoned up for the time being), I'll probably leave the crossovers alone and just enjoy listening to them for awhile. Should I find something notably lacking, or acquire better tools, I may revisit the crossover.
    I also need to decide how I'm going to finish these. They are fairly large and will probably stay out of the living room, so I'll probably go with something simpler than veneer. Perhaps some sort of texture paint. I may also need to add some grill cloths to keep the grandkids from poking the neat circles.


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      I'm looking for a fairly simple way to finish these 1.7 cu. ft. MDF towers. They aren't going to be in a prominent place in the house, so nothing fancy is needed. Something somewhat subdued like a satin or textured paint (in a lighter color).
      I was thinking of using a sanding sealer to seal the MDF edges. Any particular primer that works well over that? How about the final coat? Will some type of latex enamel work well?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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        Originally posted by Brian B View Post
        With the extra padding, the modeled response looks like this:

        ​Looks like you've got some BSC built in there
        Brian Steele