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New Dayton Mini Passive Radiators Test with 2'' Peerless by Typhany 830983

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  • New Dayton Mini Passive Radiators Test with 2'' Peerless by Typhany 830983

    ​Any help with filtering or attenuation to really get this to sound better. Or other driver recommendations would be welcome!

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    The only thing I can tell from the video, is that your garage isnít a great listening room.

    What donít you like about them?


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      Judging from the slow-mo portion, the PR appears to be moving opposite the active drivers, which at/near driver resonance is normal behavior for a PR setup.
      Often small single driver speakers will use a 'contour' filter to smooth out the response. You'd need an omnimic or something similar to measure the response, then devise the filter to take away the 'nasties.' I'm assuming it's not the bass that is the issue? Did you simulate this box at all, or just messing around/playing a hunch? Which PR is that? Looks to be the 65PR?

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        They are ND-65PR's I do need better recording equipment and a better listening room! I have three girls and my garage was the quietest spot in the house...I used WinISD to model the enclosure to slightly boost the lower a bit but still pretty flat.
        ​I do enjoy how big it sounds! Bass output could be better but this is just a test box. I never done anything with passive radiators and just kinda playing around. The highs are amazing a bit much at times but they are unfiltered at this time. The 15w x2 amp is a good fit for these speakers as you can almost get 100 volume before any hint of breakup. I would like to tame down the highs a bit.


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          Also very Amazed with the off axis performance! These drivers could work very well for Bluetooth speakers.