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Amp recommendations for Speedster MTM center channel and Speedster TMM

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  • Amp recommendations for Speedster MTM center channel and Speedster TMM

    Last year I built a pair of Speedster TMMs and a Speedster MTM center channel.
    MTM inspiration from Mike220:

    The woofers are technically 4ohm but according to Paul Carmody, they operate more like 6ohm speakers. I currently have a Denon AVR-x1300W which has puts out 120W at 6 ohm on "2 Channel Drive".

    I am considering buying a receiver that has pre-outs to accommodate a 2, 3 or 5 channel amp for under $1k (new or used) but I don't know what the maximum number of watts the Speedsters can take.

    Does anybody know or have any recommendations? Would an amp even be worth the trouble? Any input is much appreciated.

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    Amplifier wattage is more about "head-room" than what your speakers can handle. With a proper XO (and not over-driving them with sub frequencies) they could easily be hooked up to a 200-watt amp and provide a TON of volume and have lots of head-room (wattage for music peaks) for you. Alternately they would probably sound just fine with your current ampllifier and 120-watts (probably more like 75 RMS at low THD) with typical listening choices.

    You have to decide how much head-room you need. For a small room, with moderate listening volumes and typical music styles - 50-watts should be sufficient.

    If you want to play a house-party, cranked up heavy metal and disrupt the neighbors - then you will certainly need more power and current from your amplifier.

    Those Speedsters are quite robust woofers and the tweeter will probably fail before the woofer - due to heat generated from turning up the volume. That said you have to make some decisions on your intended use.

    Is it worth it? Again very subjective. Some would say absolutely, others prefer simplicity of an integrated amp that does everything. I would start with what you have, and add to it as the need arises.

    The "SB's" build page


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      This is the Project Gallery, meant for finished speaker related info. You'll get many more answers to queries in the TechTalk sector of the forum.
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