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  • Vintage Bluetooth speaker

    Id like to share my rookie effort repurposing a cool vintage speaker but it only worked for about a week. My connections are good so Im not sure where the failure is. Wont take a charge or run on AC.
    264-1065 4 woofer
    PC83-4 full range 3
    19 VDC power supply 129-220
    18650 batteries x 3
    LED pilots

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as this is my first attempt as a hobbyist.

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    looks great!

    the KAB boards have a few quirks:
    -the wired "on-off" switch is not really to cut power
    -it's wired in reverse (ie, with the switch closed, it goes into standby mode, with the switch open it powers up)
    -if you unplug the AC line input, it will just slowly drain the battery and not shut off

    my guess is that you're running on batteries and your batteries have no charge. where's the green LED?


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      Thanks ceiol. I have the green led wired up, but after its maiden charge session I havent seen it glow since. I cant get a charge with the switch up or down. None of the leds show now as in no juice, even though the power source is showing its green on light. Doubting the integrity of the Dayton amp board.