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Goldwood GRS 10SW-4 & E-10SP box

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    Originally posted by Rory Buszka View Post
    As someone who can speak authoritatively on this, there is no commonality between the GRS woofers and any MCM product.

    After Elemental Designs folded, I felt there was a void left in the market that had previously been filled by their EHQS series drivers, and I also felt there had been some compromises made in the EHQS drivers that I would not have made, but I was a fan of the cosmetics. Think of these as an improvement upon those drivers, with the addition of a 10" model and with some improvements to the 8" and 12" models. I have a stock of the 8" and 12" EHQS models, so I was able to do direct testing and comparison, and ultimately our offering was able to come in at a lower price. I was aware of the MCM poly-cone woofers and have a few (in storage) but I wanted to have a better offering, not merely the cheapest (which MCM was doing quite well at). The GRS poly cone subwoofers are actually geared toward subwoofer use, with larger voice coils and longer excursion than the existing GRS woofer offerings, plus more rugged cones. Naturally at this price point some compromises were necessary, so I made the ones that in my estimation would provide the most usable product.

    Fun times.
    When the 10" GRS Sub comes up on the forum I am always trying to sing it's praises. I think it is one of the best examples of an overachiever
    at any price point. I used it for my Iron Driver entry that Scott01 designed a couple years ago. For $20 MC Hammer would say, Rory (cant touch