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    I haven't been able to turn them up yet. They are about as efficient as the S2000s and they sound very smooth. I will report when able. They do add class.
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      So I stacked the S2000s on top of the Sopranos and listened to some music. I would be happy with either design. Both have similar bass response. With the 2.1 sub turned down, you get decent bass, turning it up you hear what you're missing. Both of these were built with the same PE port at the shortest length. Both are really best with a sub.

      I don't prefer one over the other. The S2000 is cheaper, potentially much easier if you buy the flat pack. The S2000 flat pack is the same as DIYSGs Overnight Sensation flat pack. 1/2" Baltic Birch. The Soprano plan calls out 3/4" mat'l, both have no bracing.

      I'll be listening to the Sopranos because they're newer and look nicer.