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Help with DIY Portable Speaker project

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  • Help with DIY Portable Speaker project

    I need help with a project. I've been looking for a loud, bassy, and powerful portable speaker/subwoofer combo, and have been struggling to find something affordable. I really like the Diamondboxx L2 and XL2, but prices range from $1000-$2000,]
    well outside my comfort zone. I've looked on Youtube and found plenty of tutorials on DIY bluetooth speakers, but they're for lower-powered units with only 2 or 4 speakers, and hardly any bass.

    I figured I could build one myself, but have very little experience with electronics, speakers, amps, impedance, ohms, etc. I took a "Electronics Workshop" in high school (20 years ago) and am familiar with soldering and basic electronics, but this project requires more advanced skills.
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    Good luck mate, I'm going down a similar path on my journey through the land of the audiophile. At the moment as I too am a noob having been looking through the project tab looking for something that somebody is really bragging about and then seeing how they built it. The x over diagrams blow my mind and I swear it is a foreign language as I need to see how it is assembled.

    My recommendation is think about the size you want to build and what drivers you like and see if you can get some help on here for the fiddly bits. For example I hit up this forum and the diyaudio one, found a design somebody loved with a driver I knew I could easily get and then went from there. Once built I got some good advice on what I could have improved on for next time. Which could have been different if I put it up for criticism prior to building.

    Oh I don't really understand the speaker world at the moment, more enjoying trying different wood working techniques.

    Good luck


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        Note this area is for completed projects. You will get more response to your questions if you post them on the Tech Talk Forum. There have been a number of similar projects built in recent years. Try a search here or ask for recommendation over on TTF.