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Oak ultimax sub build

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1396212 Finished up today. I'll get it hooked up to my system and see how it does.
    Two things that I consider boo-boos
    1. I meant to have 2 inch styles all the way around the inset panels, but forgot about the top that was added, therefore there is a 2-3/4 style on top
    2. I should have used the minwax wax filler so the nail holes filled with regular filler wouldn't stick out so much and look like polkadots.


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      Very cool build. I see what you mean about the nail holes...
      I look forward to hearing your take on how it works/sounds in your setup.


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        I see my boo-boo's too, but from the pics, it looks great overall. And I think the carbon wrap came out fine. I'd be happy with it, I know it's hard to work with if you're looking for perfection.
        Pretty cool too letting the grandkids decorate the underside.
        I have a sub called the Hi-Vi 105... because it weighs 105 lbs. when populated with the driver and amp. It's compact enough, but I can't lift it, last time I tried I dinged a corner when it slipped out of my hands near the floor putting it down. Dolly is a good idea.
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          Beautiful! You’ve really taken the build to the next level, the artwork on bottom has established memories that will last a lifetime! I wonder if the bottoms of the kitchen drawers in the house I grew up in are still there... Perhaps I’ll stop and see if the owners of the house would let Me take a few pictures if they weren’t replaced. I still remember drawing on them 40yrs ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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            That thing is a beast sitting next to that klipsch! Nice work, don't sweat the small stuff. I have zero patience when it comes to finishing. Enjoy.


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              Final thoughts. I've been running the sub for a few months now. Over all, I've been very happy with it. I've never had a sealed sub before, and the musical aspect is so much better than the ported subs I've had in the past. But....I find it lacking for movie watching. So, this sub is going in my home gym where we listen to music exclusively. Arrived today is a SVS PB16 Ultra. I've ran it through a few test tonight, and I can say I'm am blown away. The punch you in the chest feeling I've been looking for has arrived.

              Mike T.