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Modifying some old Epi's Cabinets.

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  • Modifying some old Epi's Cabinets.

    Hello, I rebuilding/modifying an old set of Epi 120A cabinets that are in excellent shape. Replacing all the stock components and wanting to add a 4" mid bass driver. Here's my parts list: Dayton Audio DSA270-8 10" Designer Series Aluminum Cone Woofers 100w rms. Dynavox TD2801XL 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeters 100w rms. Dayton Audio DSA115-8 4" Designer Series Aluminum Cone woofers 35w rms. Going to a passive 3 way crossover at 800Hz 4500HZ. I will be powering these speakers with a Marantz MM7025 140w 2 channel amp. A 2240 as the pre amp I fully restored. Cabinets are 25" x 15" x 11". Question. Im not sure exactly how the crossover distributes power. Is a 4" mid driver at 35rms going to be ok? Does anybody see any red flags with what I'm doing? I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of vintage receiver restoration. Having fun with it, now its time to start learning speaker builds. I basically want to keep the vintage look of these epi cabs, but update the components nicely. Without building custom cabs altogether. I already have the 3 way crossovers. Thats why I'm wanting to add the 4" mids. Im all ears for thoughts or advice. Thank you so much in advance.

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    This forum is really for completed speaker projects. Your post really belongs in the main techtalk forum.
    Brian Steele


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      You've got 1.7cf. That 10" won't do 40Hz (like the orig) unless you port the box. 3"id x 7" long will be about right.
      Your XO won't work with these drivers.
      Why THAT tweeter? (IMO there are better models for less money.)
      A (open back) "mid" needs a separate "chamber" inside so it's not acted on by the woofer.