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Redoing my Advent Heritage spkrs

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  • Redoing my Advent Heritage spkrs

    I'm looking for any suggestions on upgrading these speakers. I've already replaced the crappy electrolytic caps in the tweeter crossover with Dayton polypropylene caps bypassed with film and foil Dayton caps and that made a huge difference. I've replaced the surround on the woofers as well but wondering if new woofers would make these sound even better. Also, the woofers crossover parts look cheap and thinking they should be replaced. Ive got a inductor meter so I can measure the inductors. Also the green cap in the back is electrolytic and part of the woofers crossover...should I change that too? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks. Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
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    Odds are that the surrounds are/were your biggest problem. Read up on "T/S parameters". It's nearly impossible to find an "air suspension" woofer (except for OEM NOS "replacement" drivers) that'll perform as well as those (30y.o.?) original woofers. They just don't make them that way anymore.


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      If you search advent heritage woofer you'll get a couple of hits for replacement drivers. Human speakers says they make drivers in the old acoustic suspension style. Can't vouch for any of that. If you're into wood butchery, it looks like there's room below the drivers for a big flared Precision port, not much depth though.That's if you want to use modern drivers and can design a new box alignment and crossover. Maybe a new woofer and matching passive radiator. Just ideas, I have no design skills.

      What don't you like about your speakers?


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        Well, there's nothing specific about them I don't like although they don't go that low. The improvement in the tweeter was so big with the better caps, I thought maybe I could so something similar for the lower frequencies. Maybe I'll just replace the inductors and see what that does. Thanks for the reply. Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk


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          It would be cheaper just to build a small sub than to grab 4 decent woofers that play cleanly to 3k.